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Top 8 Web Host Services

1. InMotion
2. Midphase
3. 3ix

4. Lunarpages
5. Downtownhost
6. HostGator
7. HostRocket
8. DayanaHost

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Where can you find all the information
youll ever need about hosting your site?

Right here.

In order to make this process easier for you, we provide some tips or information that need to be consider when choosing your web host.

Choose carefully! If your web host doesn't have the security, they don't back up their servers properly... their technical support is unreachable... it will affect your online business, it will cost you much much more money.

We tried many different services, we've been there and learned this lesson the hard way and we don't want you to have the same bad experience like us.

Use these tips below to make the right decision.

1.) What is the purpose of your website?

- a. Personal (Sharing pictures with families, friends, hobby and etc). If it is for personal, we recommend the basic plans or shared plans, should be enough for you.
- b. Online Business (Ecommerce, shopping cart, products lists and etc). If it is for business, you have to make sure that they provide all the tips below.

2.) Websites usually do not take up more than 15 MB space but it is better to have extra spaces available for future expansion. So how many spaces do you plan for your website? How many spaces do they provide?

3.) Do you need many traffics for your website? They have to have super fast connectivity because it effects the loading pages.

4.) How many number of email accounts you think you will need it? Usually websites use not more than 5 email accounts.

5.) Do they provide you with full CGI-bin access? It will come in handy later, if you have one.

6.) Do they provide access for you to use FTP to transfer files back and forth between your local computers and your web server and also public FTP access? Do they provide SSH too? It is important so you be able to compile your programming without relying heavily on the web host.

7.) What is their downtime? How long do they respond all your questions? When you do online business, your website is your online business. Choose web host that you can depend on, web host that provides up 99.9% to 100% of the time and 24/7 technical support.

8.) Number of applications or software needed to run your web site. Good web hosting providers should provide with number of scripts, should support Java, MySQL, PHP, FrontPage, ASP extension whether you need it now or more your future expansion.

9.) Make sure they are not charging you with any extra services at all. Make sure that there is no extra charger for POP mailbox, autoresponders, CGI scripts, statistics, email aliases, and etc.

10.) Have a look at these categories below, you will find which host company that suits you.

Which one are you ?

Categories 1 :

This is your first time, you are confuse and not sure which web host to choose. You are looking for personal / cheap hosting. You want to share information, photos, videos and chat with your friends or blog about your daily activities. You need full email support, domain support and you need 24/7 technical support. Fast speed.

If you are in the categories 1 , then I can recommend you with these hosting providers. In case in the future, you need to upgrade your plans. Then you can do it later on.

Option 1 :

Why choose InMotion to host your site?

Cost effective Value Plans at one of the cheapest prices of any major web hosting company. Rest assured, you will get the best quality hosting - even if you are shopping for cheap hosting. More about InMotion...

Note :

InMotion have 3 types of value plans which are starter ($3.00/mo), basic ($4.00/mo) and max ($5.00/mo). I recommend you take the basic value plans, because basic value plans have more features by adding $1.00/mo you get more features then the starter plans.

Basic value plans : 150,000 MB Disk space, 1,500 GB Monthly transfer, easy to use cPanel, 2 domains supported, 1 MySQL database, 1 FTP Account, Phone support, 30 days money back guarantee, FTP Access and CGI Bin access and more...

Option 2 :

Why choose 3iX Networks to host your site?

  • Committed to providing prompt, knowledgeable, thorough and friendly support to our customers.
  • Offer 99.9% uptime guarantee in our Service Level Agreement.
  • 3iX provide hosting for thousands of clients worldwide, our existing customers are extremely satisfied with our service, read some of our customer's Testimonials.
  • We are not a reseller. We operate our servers with full root/administrator access to allow us to set up our service the way we know best.
  • Our service is based on a reliable, redundant and fast USA network infrastructure which is connected to 8 major backbones on the Internet in a fully meshed configuration, read more about our US Data Center.
  • The combination of our features, price and service is unbeatable and more...

Note :

3ix have 4 hosting plans which are excite ($1.00/mo), extra ($3.00), expert ($5.00) and extreme ($8.00/mo). My recommendation is expert hosting plans ($5.00/mo).

At expert plans or extreme hosting plans , you don't need to pay for your domain name so you will get free domain name . At 3ix, extreme hosting plans are the best because a lot of unlimited features that you can use for, if $8.00/mo is no problem for you at all then go for it. But if you think it is expensive then I suggest take the expert plans. Expert plans include unlimited bandwidth, 70GB web space, unlimited FTP account, 100 email accounts, you can host 5 websites in one plan, cPanel, CGI, and more...

This hosting plans can be used for online business too if you are planning to change to online business in the future because they provide OSCommerce shopping cart, mySQL database and etc.

Option 3:

Why choose Lunarpages to host your site?

Lunarpages provides educational and tutorial about web hosting for their members. You can also make friends and ask everything that you need to know about web hosting at their forum. More about Lunarpages...

Note :

Lunarpages have many different hosting plans, since you are in categories 1. I recommend you to choose basic hosting plan for just $4.95/mo (until end of the promotion's date). You will get unlimited databases, unlimited email and FTP accounts, 15,000 GB data transfer, 1,500 gb storage, 1 free domain name, blog, forum and photo gallery, 24/7 support. Choose this web host .

Option 4:

If you are still hesitate and don't want to risk a lot of money, how about this only $14.99 / year. Try it first, if you don't like it then you lose only $14.99/year.

Click here to find out.

Categories 2 :

If you have online business or planning to have one. You have products to sell online, you need ecommerce or hosting that have shopping cart. You need full email support, domain support and you need 24/7 technical support. You need large disk space and fast speed. May be you also need ad credit to promote your site.

Categories 3 :

If you have online business or planning to have one. You don't need shopping cart at all. You need full email support, domain support and you need 24/7 technical support. You need large disk space and fast speed. May be you also need ad credit to promote your site.

If you are in the categories 2 or 3 , then I can recommend you with these hosting providers.

Click the link below, it will give you more information, why you definitely need one of them?

Why do you need midPhase?

Why do you need Inmotion?

Why do you need downtownhost?

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