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Privacy Policy Statement

  • Privacy policy statement outlining our online information activities is provided in order to protect user privacy.
  • Privacy policy statement also outlines ways of a user determines on how will the information be used and collected.
  • Privacy policy statement will be applied where personally identifiable information such as name and email address is used to make request, to register and to place an order for products.
  • Privacy policy statement is separated to the personally identifiable information.
  • Privacy policy statement also include all necessary procedures are used in order to avoid unauthorized access and to ensure all information is used accordingly.
  • Personally identifiable information will only be used if it is referred to our site and it will not be shared by outside parties.
  • Personally identifiable information will only be used as a returned address in order to answer email received and it will not be shared by outside parties.
  • User has the opportunity to opt-out if they feel their personally identifiable information is wrongly used.
  • IP address will only be used for trend analysis, site administration and to provide demographic information.
  • Information will not be collected from users under 18 years old.
  • The content of this privacy policy statement may be altered at any time with notice to users.
  • All queries can be made by clicking on the contact link.

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