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What Is Shared Web Hosting ?

This type of web hosting service is the most commonly used by the internet user where your domain name is registered onto one server.

This server is shared in terms of resources (ie. CPU time, Operating System, RAM, applications, bandwidth) by other clients of your ISP or HSP.

The lowest cost for registration of your domain name since your ISP or HSP host numbers of client onto one server, they are able to reduce the cost of maintaining the server and pass the saving to you.

Suitable for small and medium websites with average traffic. Please check with your ISP or HSP terms of service for the definition of "average traffic" because different ISP or HSP has different benchmark.

Hosting Companies :

Plans Hatchling Baby Swamp
Disk Space 350,000mb
Bandwidth 3,000,000mb
Domains Allowed 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Pricing $4.95 $7.95 $12.95

Easy CGI Web Hosting

Advanced Plan ($7.96/mo)

Windows 2003 Environment.
3,500 GB Data Transfer
350 Disk space
Unlimited FTP Account & Multiple Domain Aliasing.

Advanced x2 Plan ($15.96/mo)

Windows 2003 Environment.
5,000 GB Data Transfer
500 Disk space
Unlimited FTP Account & Multiple Domain Aliasing.

Advanced x4 Plan ($21.56/mo)

Windows 2003Environment.
7,500 GB Data Transfer
750 Disk space
Unlimited FTP Account & Multiple Domain Aliasing.

  • Unlimited bandwidth, 4400 MHz server Speed (minimum), 2000 MB server RAM (minimum)
  • 1,000 GB of RAID protected storage space and growing!
  • Advanced control panel
  • 10 websites per account plus add a new site every month!
  • 24/7 live technical support, Money back guarantee, $50 search credit
  • Email Features, Unlimted POP3/IMAP E-mail accounts
  • HTML, PHP 4.3.8 with Zend Optimizer, GD 2.0.23, ImageMagick 5.5.6
  • Javascript, MySQL 4.0.22, Perl 5.8.1, CGI-Bin support, MySQL databases (10)

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